“I was at a crossroads with my career. Should I stay or should I go? Through my coaching sessions with Heloiza I was able to map out my desires, identify my places where I was “stuck” and figure out what I wanted to do with my career. It was invaluable to me to experience this personal one on one attention in these coaching sessions.  Heloiza’s ability to take this journey with me as a temporary guide provided me with insights, joy and her intuitive sense of understanding me was right on track!  She helped me sort through the hard questions that I was afraid to ask myself. I strongly recommend Heloiza to anyone searching for answers in any area of your life.“    

- Kathryn Freberg, Chief Clinical Officer,

Network 180.

“I first got to know Heloiza in a coaching course where her attitude made obviously appear her natural skills at dealing with people and get the best out of each one. She demonstrated an outstanding ability in understanding people’s internal processes and work towards their continuous improvement.
Later on I confirmed this first impression as her coachee/mentee, where I could experience her mature and balanced way at coaching and subtly guiding through the path of personal development.

I'm so grateful for my path to have crossed hers, and
hopefully will go on accompanying her to learn and grow at her contact!” 

- Benjamin Ganchegui, PhD Chemist and

Master Coach at Upside Coaching Brasil.


“ In the last few months I have discovered that I am capable of succeeding beyond what I had ever imagined.  I have learned that it’s OK to stumble, as long as I get up and keep moving towards my goals.  It has been a steady and successful rise, one that I owe in great part to Heloiza’s coaching.”   

- Raquel DeSousa

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“When I first decided to leave my hometown in Brazil and move to Canada, I had just finished Law School and been approved in the Bar Association of Brazil.  A mix of excitement and fear took me over. New language, new culture, new challenges, I was totally alone and out of my comfort zone. Even having prepared myself for the big change for almost two years, I was still wondering if I was not being too crazy or if that was really for me. I met Heloiza one month before the date I had set for my move, and that was just unexpectedly and incredibly helpful. She shared with me a lot of her own life experiences being an immigrant in US, always challenging and encouraging me the pursuit of my goals giving me precious tips and advices. I was lucky for having her by my side since the beginning of my new journey in Canada. I use to say that Heloiza was more than a Coach; she was and still is my cheerleader! Making a balance of everything I have been through since the day I left Brazil, I can say that I faced and successfully conquered most of the challenges of living as an immigrant in Canada. After getting my Law Clerk and Paralegal diploma at Algonquin College, I started an internship in an international organization called ParlAmericas created by the Government of Canada.  After 6 months I was hired as a full time employee of the organization, and today I work with the most important representatives of the governments of the Americas and the Caribbean. Heloiza is surely one of the people I thank the most for helping me to accomplish all this success.”

- Deborah Novaes

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Raised in Brazil, Heloiza has resided in the United States for more than 40 years. Her own experience has given her a unique understanding of the different challenges that individuals encounter in their lives, and how they respond to them.

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